August 2018 - Failure is Fertilizer

“Failure is Fertilizer”
Can you remember that time when you had to read in front of the class, or present to a group of people or perform an activity that did nothing but humiliate you…. me too! In a town I swear I will never return too, my emotions were so heightened and the memory is so vivid, it takes me right back to that moment in time! I suppose upon reflection that is life it is the collection of experiences and their intensity both the good and the bad.
This experience, (the auction competition) is so clear that I remember the man on the left of the crowd looking at me with eyes of sorrowful encouragement, the girlfriend of a fellow contestant with satisfaction/relief on her face knowing her boyfriend is so much better than me as a contestant and then the 3 judges acknowledging my attempt with a nod of the head and avoiding note taking for fear it will derail me more than I was currently. I have such clarity around as it was that moment when I completely forgot what came next, and though my feet wanted to run I was in that humbling moment of humiliation. I am grateful to be wise enough now to know that staying put was a better outcome than exiting stage left. Though the experience bruised my confidence, my self-esteem and those associated to me whom I am sure would have been embarrassed, I acknowledge that there is never any benefit in carrying the past as a burden of humiliation, or let it overwhelm. Instead, let it educate and that I did as I have booked in for another auction course....Round 2 here I come!
My love list this month:
Favourite “work” Book: Herb Cohens Negotiation. Interestingly this book is not just for sales people because all day everyday we are negotiating with children, partners, friends, trying to manipulate (for good) to our way of thinking..!!
For leisure I am reading the “outlander series” and am vicariously devouring them- also addicted to the TV series and counting down for the 4th season release in NOV 2018.
Favourite food: Kaeza’s (Nans) bread and butter pudding, I had three serves in one sitting!!Most Memorable moment: A close friend cooked late into the night so her cousin would arrive home from hospital their fridge filled with ‘home cooking’ and full of groceries. Actions always speak volumes in comparison to words.
Favourite Quote “Failure is Fertiliser” seems very apt after my recent Auction Competition!